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Geneva Instrument的設計原則一直是以音色、共鳴和機動性讓演奏者找出自己的音樂特性,並明確的表現在演出當中。



在Geneva Instruments European工廠工作,我們以製造出現今最好的銅管樂器為傲,它們也是許多世界級銅管演奏家的首選。

​A B O U T

Since the first Geneva Instrument was made in 2001, we have looked to raise the bar and set new standards in modern brass musical instruments. The Geneva Instruments design concepts have always been to enable players the sound, response and flexibility to determine their own musical identity for a definitive performance.

The Geneva team have also been pushing the boundaries of brass instrument engineering to produce some of the finest Custom built brass musical instruments. With their experience and skills they are able to design and build an instrument that best suits a given player, taking into account a wide range of individual variables when hand making a Geneva Custom instrument.

With the dedicated Geneva Instruments European workforce, we are proud to be producing some of the finest brass musical instruments available today, which are the choice of many of the world’s leading brass instrument artist and ensembles.

Geneva Oldroyd Cardinal系列

The Oldroyd Cardianll Range 的是全手工樂器,以客製化的方式滿足各種不同需求的銅管演奏家。

和Geneva的設計師會面,讓你的樂器具備個人化的規格。Oldroyd Cardinal的產品也能夠加以精緻的手工雕刻和奢華的樂器表面加工。

The Oldroyd Cardinal Range of are all handmade instruments custom made to meet the individual requirements of brass players. With a consultation with Geneva’s head designer you could have your instrument built to your personal specification. The Oldroyd Cardinal products are also available with elegant hand engraving and luxury instrument finishes.

​Oldroyd Cardinal 富魯閣號
​Oldroyd Cardinal Flugel Horn
​Oldroyd Cardinal 短號
​Oldroyd Cardinal Cornet