Geneva Symphony GVL 上低音號
Geneva Symphony GVL euphonium
 Glenn Van Looy

比利時上低音號演奏家 Glenn van Looy 是在國際銅管代言人徵選當中被選中的最新代言人。

在徵選中勝出的演奏家將能夠使用Geneva Symphony上低音號,加入Geneva代言人的演奏家還有James Fountain 和Joseph Cook。

Belgian euphonium star Glenn van Looy has become the latest leading instrumentalist to join the stable of international brass artists choosing to perform on a Geneva Symphony instrument.


The award winning soloist will endorse and perform on the Geneva Symphony euphonium, joining other Geneva artists including James Fountain and Joseph Cook.

Glenn 的評論:

“Geneva Symphony上低音號非常令我驚豔。易演奏且功能性都無與倫比。這隻樂器的音準和調性都非常優秀,幾乎不需要使用Trigger來輔助! Geneva的設計理念是製造出富含傳統的’銅管樂團’聲響的樂器,Geneva Symphony 上低音號就完美傳達了他們的理念!”

“當我在Symphony Orchestra of Flanders演奏時,這隻樂器完美的融入了銅管分部。我也很期待在Belgium National Championship使用Symphony euphonium演奏,還有即將在12月錄音的全新獨奏專輯。”

Glenn commented:

“I was blown away by the Geneva Symphony euphonium. The ease of playing and the versatility are second to none. The Symphony’s tuning and intonation is so good that there is rarely the need to use the trigger fitted on the instrument at all!

The Geneva design concept is to produce instruments with a traditional warm 'brass band' sound, and the Symphony euphonium definitely delivers this!”


“At the moment I'm performing with the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders and the instrument blends really well within the brass section. I’m also looking forward to playing the Symphony euphonium at the upcoming Belgium National Championship this month and also on my new solo album which I’m recording in December.”