Geneva Symphony上低音號

Geneva Symphony Euphonium

 Geneva Symphony 上低音號在任何層級的管樂團或銅管樂團都以純淨的音色為樂團增添色彩和豐富的層次。它能夠包辦所有的任務,還游刃有餘。厚實、溫暖和飽滿的音色同時也有著卓越的反射、製造出清澈的共鳴聲響

Geneva Symphony上低音號適合所有的演奏。不論是正在學習或是已經有所成就的,任何層級的演奏者都能夠適用。

The Geneva Symphony Euphonium is the epitome of pure sound and should add colour and shading to a brass or wind band at any level. It encompasses all the requirements of the task and much more besides. It brings with it style, class and an air of authority both in looks and sound quality. It has depth, warmth and fullness to the tone whilst being superb in assisting in projection, clarity of production and resonance when required.

The Geneva Symphony Euphonium will serve and enhance playing for all. It is a piece of workmanship that can be used by both the developing and acomplished player - whatever the level. 

  • 0.580" Bore

  • 12" Bell

  • Broad Bell Flare

  • Yellow Brass Bell

  • Yellow Brass Lead-Pipe

  • Floating Lead-Pipe Configuration

  • Stainless Steel Valves

  • Nickel Inner Slides

  • Nickel Outer Slides

  • 0.580" 內徑

  • 12" 號口

  • 黃銅號口

  • 黃銅吹口管

  • 不鏽鋼轉閥

  • 鎳 Inner Slides

  • 鎳 Outer Slides

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.