Mouthpieces for BBb and CC-tuba 

Model PT-50, PT-50L Mini Mega, 
Model PT-50+ Heavy Shell Best-Sellers!
Model PT-50 has a large and deep cup. The clearly defined inner rim aids articulation and tonal clarity. This Perantucci mouthpiece combines high dynamic range with fast response. It aids low register. It is recommended for advanced players who prefer a truly large mouthpiece.
內徑: 33.0mm
杯緣: 寬7.5mm
內管: 8.3mm
​阻力: 中
Cup Diameter: 33.0mm diameter.
                           Deep funnel shaped cup.
Rim: Width 7.5mm. Flat rim with sharp inner edge.
Bore: 8.3mm
Resistance: Moderate - open blowing.
Model PT-88, PT-88L Mini Mega, 
Model PT-88+ Heavy Shell Best-Sellers!
The cup of the PT-88 is wider yet not quite as deep as that of the PT-50. The sound has great strength and depth combined with huge dynamics over a wide range.  The middle and low register benefit from the cup volume.  The high register is secure yet mellow sounding.

Cup Diameter : 33,5mm diameter. Wide, deep cup.

Rim : 7,0  mm Flat, well-defined inner edge.

Bore : 8,1  mm

Resistance : Low – open blowing.

內徑: 33.5mm
杯緣: 寬7.0mm
內管: 8.1mm
​阻力: 低
Model PT 48 Perantucci Helleberg
Model PT-48 is based on the classic Helleberg concept yet wider than standard mouthpieces. The rim is enhanced for quick response and clarity. The sound is dark with a broad core. Excellent for medium-large and large-bore CC and BBb tubas.
內徑: 32.5mm
杯緣: 寬 8mm
內管: 8.3mm
​阻力: 中

Cup Diameter : 32,5 mm diameter. Deep, deep pear shaped cup.

Rim : Width 8 mm. Rounded inner and outer edges.

Bore: 8,3 mm

Resistance : Moderate – open blowing.

Model PT-44

Model PT-44 provides substantial fundamental and a colorful sound. It gives good projection to larger instruments. Fast response and flexibility make this an excellent mouthpiece for CC or BBb-tubas.

The shallower cup as compared to larger models is compensated by a larger bore.

Cup Diameter : 32,5 mm diameter. Medium large depth, funnel shaped.

Rim  : Width 7,5 mm. Rounded inner and sharp outer edges.

Bore : 8,4 mm

Resistance : Moderate

內徑: 32.5mm
杯緣: 寬7.5mm
內管: 8.4mm
​阻力: 中
Model PT-36
PT-36型適用於需要快速反應的大口徑樂器。較窄的吹口環提供了非凡的靈活性,並且具有足夠深度的杯子能夠獲得很好的音響。 因此聲音能夠比其它型號吹嘴更為明亮。

Model PT-36 is ideal for large-bore instruments where fast response is desired. The narrow rim provides remarkable flexibility and the cup has adequate depth necessary for good tone. The sound is therefore brighter than the above mouthpieces.

內徑: 32.5mm
杯緣: 寬7.5mm
內管: 8.3mm
​阻力: 中

Cup Diameter :  32,5mm diameter. Moderate depth and funnel shaped.

Rim : Width 7,5 mm. Medium sharp inner, rounded outer edge.

Bore : 8,3 mm

Resistance : Moderate